Maybe at the first glance, you don't believe the advertisement of one product, but if one of your friends or relatives admire that product in front of you, then most probably, you purchase that product and test it. from this that we can understand the strength of mouth to mouth ad or in official term we find the strength of "mouth to mouth marketing". on the other hand, this mouth to mouth marketing that is so effective, is running in the social media management in the more complex form.

in one simple definition, online social media are generally web oriented services that people can share their beliefs, interests, comments and different contents with others. these social media management  are various that one of the most important one is related to business social media management. using these networks for digital marketing is one of the most affluent, current methods in Iran and the all over the world.

social media management like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are in this set, but Facebook has more efficacy in marketing.

Instagram with more than 500 million active users is now one of the 10 best apps in the world. having several SEO successful experience in the introduction and brand making for peopel products and services, shows the high capacity of social network of Instagram in world. 

Social media managment

Our tricks for your products and services in the social media management:

Deployment of innovative ways that causes the referral of the audience from social media to your business website
Identification of the best timing for sending the related posts and creating the most effective calendar of timing in this case
Adaptability of tone and subject in your Instagram and Facebook posts
Creating the content that attracts the audience
Using the advanced techniques and specialized software for analyzing your Instagram and face book's page from the aspect of feedback and the effect on customers and reform and improvement the mentioned pages based on interest and ideas of customers and audiences
Checking the amount of the conformity of products or services with the capabilities of different socia media and compilation of a special strategy for it.
Social media management plan

Notice:The base price is based on the EURO, but our online payment gateway also accepts US dollars

Mars Package

Mars Plan-€799
  • Creating a graphical post-12 Numbers
  • Creating a Motion post-1 Numbers
  • Creating a Podcast post -1 Numbers
  • Composition of BIO content
  • Cost-MONTHLY: €799

Earth Package

Earth Plan-€1599
  • Creating a graphical post-26 Numbers
  • Creating a Motion post-2 Numbers
  • Creating a Podcast post -2 Numbers
  • Page landing design
  • Cost-MONTHLY: €1599

Sun Package

Sun Plan-€3999
  • Creating a graphical post-52 Numbers
  • Creating a Motion post-4 Numbers
  • Creating a Podcast post -4 Numbers
  • Creating of viral, innovative content
  • Cost-MONTHLY: €3999
web design
In the digital world, without having a professional website for providing products and services in the web area, you will lose great part of potential customers.
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
SEO is a set of activities that improves your position in the search results and causes to increase the number of visits from your website.
Content Production
Content marketing means brand development and increasing the sale of products and services by content creation in a different way.
Social media marketing(SMM)
presence of millions of active users in the social networks is the best opportunity for providing services in this area.

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