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Characteristics of contents that are produced in the Arsha digital agency, including:
1. copying is not done by no means

2. you can search from different sources and then translate is done or composed from beginning to end in the form of research or select a combination of translation and authorship; selection is in your hands

3. all of the basic tips of SEO are considered in the content production (the density of the main and secondary keywords, fluency of content, titling, using the relevant keywords and designing of the related titles, whether using the keywords in the lead or in the beginning of paragraphs)

4. The SEO work editor, corrects the produced content after the writer

5. in every content, for every 300 words, a relevant photo is searched and inserted

6. the markings are considered (comma, dot, bullet and numbering) in the content production
The order of content production includes these steps: 

The determination of keywords or the titles of contents that is done by you or Raya marketing (this service is free)



Authorship or translation that is done by our writers

Editing in the form of SEO that is done by our SEO work editors



The predominant editor on sell (this editor should be dominant on sell or all of the details of the business) that should be done by business owners or the ones that have enough dominance.
Arsha marketing's standards in content production:
The basic and fundamental term: the contents are not copying, by no means

Content production: the content that is produced can be translation, authorship or a mix of translation and rewriting

SEO editor: all of the written contents for site are being revised and edited in terms of SEO by the team of Raya marketing

Considering the tips of SEO in the content production:
•Every content should contain almost one picture
•Comma, dot, bullet, numbering and parenthesis are considered
•Paying attention to the dense of the main and secondary keywords
•Paying attention to the fluency of text
•Titling the text
•Relevant words or keywords are being used in the text titling
•More use of keywords in the lead (the first two lines of the text)
•Using keywords at the beginning of every paragraphs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

what is the content production?
Content production is the articles, pictures and videos that you insert in your site. the articles and texts that you write about your business (content production) and insert in your site are more important for SEO among the other ones. 
what is the relation of content production and SEO?
What are the different kinds of content?
What are the principles of text content production?

Production price of text content 

Notice:The base price is based on the EURO, but our online payment gateway also accepts US dollars


2 Cent for every word
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Content Production
Content marketing means brand development and increasing the sale of products and services by content creation in a different way.
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presence of millions of active users in the social networks is the best opportunity for providing services in this area.

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