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what is motion graphic

One of the newest tools of digital marketing is motion graphic. according to the saying of grandees of online businesses, until 2019, more than 80 percent of the total traffic of web is devoted to videos. motion graphic is a kind of video that is made by using the techniques of animating the graphic pictures and animation with a targeted scenario and by combining the appropriate narration. by building and publishing the motion graphic as the best content in social medias, you can help to the increase of interaction with users and also to the digital branding of your business.

Kinds of motion graphic:

Motion graphic

The most major motion graphics that you see and used are included in this category. in this kind of motion graphic, animating of the pictures and vectors are done and then the voice acting. surely because it has voice, has more attraction for audience and the transferring of concepts are done better. 

Stop motion

In this kind of motion graphic, taking photo of real things are done, moving, and then takes pictures. so these pictures are becoming movable.

Info motion

At first, the info graphic is drawn and now, we enter the movement to the infographic in a way to show the steps.

Motion Graphic

The advantages of motion graphic

tikTransferring the concepts in a best way possible  
tikEffects on the audience
tikEntering the video marketing
tikThe cost is lower than real teaser or film-taking 
tikHelps you so much in the social networks marketing
tikIncreases the quality of training.
moshin graphic

The steps of creating different kinds of motion graphic in the Arsha marketing includes:

The selection of idea and writing the scenario and the story of motion graphic
Producing the needed content and creating the story board
Animating the needed content and creating the story board
Voice acting, selection of music, the last review and production of output of the work
What will you receive? 

innovative scenario or a story is written for your subject 



Using a background with pretty and innovative background

Using pretty and innovative character or personality



The putting of music is done

Voice acting is done by male or female speaker



The logo and the information of your company is shown

The ultimate motion graphic is delivered in 2 different sizes 



The possibility of motion graphic development in the future

The possibility of serial making in the future



The minimum order is 60 seconds
Production price of various motion graphics 

Notice:The base price is based on the EURO, but our online payment gateway also accepts US dollars

Motion Graphic

MOTION GRAPHIC-20 € for every second

stop motion

STOP MOTION-30 € for every second

Info Motion

INFO MOTION-25 € for every second
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