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Becoming familiar with techniques of motion graphic design

motion graphic

One of the ways that used for advertisement or introduction of products is motion graphic. with coming into the play of social networks, creating the motion graphic in the recent years had become so popular, but using the repetitive ways and simple techniques caused this motion graphics to lose their attractiveness and not attract any user, so it's time to put away the old methods and become familiar with the newest techniques of designing motion graphic in 2021.
  1. Using the glitch effect
Glitch effect or sudden distortion is one of the techniques of the motion graphic design that is very popular. this effect is in the form of creating a mode of parasite that is similar to pictures in old tv's and causes disarray and agitation in the pixels of pictures that makes it attractive and in fact is a connection of past and now. this technique can be efficient for the fashion and product introduction's motion graphics.   
  1. Morphing effect
Morphing effect or slow change between the pages is the other all- purpose techniques. this effect is in the case that changes the image of things, people or geometrical shapes in the form of a layer and this change happens slowly. this forming the layers also has usage in designing the logo.
  1. 2d or 3d compound
Using the 2d or 3d combound effect or D3D and 2 mixing is the innovative works that if not happening in the motion graphic, can be defined as an open defect. this innovative technique is one of the most attractive techniques of motion graphic design that have usage for animation motions
  1. Liquid motion effect
Liquid motion effect or the movement of liquid is one the attractive techniques that recently use of them being common that our main shape in motion changing to liquid. this effect that is implementing in the after effect software, the elements are converted to liquid and move in the picture.
  1. Bright bold colors
Bright cold colors or light, dark- colored is one of the techniques of motion graphic design that has many fans in the 2020. the color compound that is used for creating the motiond are dark-colored that are bright or and attract the user and are like the UV radiation.
Using this effect many be not so much suitable for product introduction but can have usage for providing services like UI/UX design. 
  1. Punchy pastels
The attractive pastels colors or punchy pastels are those happy and energetic colors of our childhood that had more advocators between color-pencils. most of the times, instead of using the fantastic techniques, just using the happy colors like pastels can make the attractiveness of work as much. this effect can be efficient for the introduction of food products, display of child's clothes or toys.  
  1. Gradiant
Today, the gradiant effect that is used in site design and application, is the best technique of motion graphic design. the gradiant that is a transition of multi colors together, gives an attractivity to motions that attracts the audience. this effect is for background pictures, draw attention of one product in a video (like a bag in the hand) or the logo of our special brand.
  1. Collage typography
If you don't see collage typography in the motions, certainly you saw it on the posters ar music albums. in this typography, the images and visual elements are in arranged in the texts and these letters are covered by pictures and kind of embedding has happened. like the image below that the letters of the word "fly" is made with the animal's pictures. 
  1. Macro typography
Macro typography is a typography that between the letters of the word, the letter that is important is so bigger than the other letters. this technique is specially for motions that show the content in a written form and can have functionality for them and the words which are so important for us, are shown with macro typography.
  1. Kinetic typography
Kinetic typography is another kind of designing motion graphic techniques that moves on that textes and creates a special effect. instead of showing our content in a simple form and like subtitle in the picture, it will be shown along with attractive effects.
  1. Cinema graph technique
one of the branches of motion graphic is cinema graphic design. cinema graph in designing site have a lot of fans that being used in different parts of product introduction, providing services, show of sampleworks and introduction of company's team.
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