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Studying the methods of building an internet market for all

Studying the methods of building an e-commerce for all

There's a famous comedy serial named "friends" that most have saw it. even if you didn't saw that, surely you heard the name. now you can understand what is the relation of friends and the building of a market.
Don't hurry up. you can't run a market this way.
This serial has 6 main characters and the last part of it was played years ago, but now we want to add a new section to it after years. in this episode, we see that how every character thought of creating a market and talked about their methods of running their internet market.

Why we should have market website?
We asked this question from all of these six persons and mixed their answers with our experience and reached to below results:
The presence in the Google is more important than anything else, because using the Google's facilities and also the target society becomes larger.
You can do online adverstisements and manifold your selling.
With creating a site's market, eneter the world of professionals.
Online shopping from a website is more valid than a page in the Instagram.
With setting up a website. you can have saving in many expenses and spend targeted instead
The process of selling done fater that is beneficial for you and your customers.
Be with us and characteristics of serial to learn the methods of creatingan internet market.
(if you don't saw the serial, it doesn't matter! just imagine that it is supposed that using the experience of 6 people for creating your online market.
Creating online market for each products
We darely say that every product that comes to your mind, can be bought through internet.

A ladder toward successful online selling
These days we hear this sentence a lot:
"everyone that you see, created a page on instagranm and sells something!"
But we have some questiond from you: how many of these people get succeed? how many of them performed in a professional way? how many hustlers are found between them?

The main question: which category do you want to be in?
After many years of working in the field of internet selling and helping to the businesses, we recognized an issue very well... is that if you start a work by searching, programming for it and go according to it, you will get successful.
We say congrats that you decided to get distance from that traditional world of selling and go up from the ladder of internet selling. we are here like always to teach you the principles and tricks of online selling.
Hurry up, it's the time of internet selling! new internet selling
At first we want to sympathize with you from the bottom of heart! we know that setting up an internet business, doesn't seem to be an easy work.
The reasons of that is so clear:
The online market is so nusy     
The competition is so hard.
Keeping customers happy is harder than any time.
Surely because of these reasons that you dropped behind from online selling, but you see that also with this situation, new businesses entered the market and get successful too. for example, all of us were using snapp, that a new app named "tepsi" came to compete with it and by using the right techniques, it achieved to success. so please don't desist... even now is so late... all of the people are achievimg the profit, despite you!
In the following, we tell you to how to achieve a selling. be with us in this article. 

How we could be successful in online selling?
We want to tell you a secret... online selling is not possible without online marketing is not possible. if you don't believe this, look at the last online shopping that you had. what caused you buy that item? it's true. it happened for all of us that after seeing an advertise in the google, Instagram, telegram and etc. Think to buying it, but before the start of interent markeing, you should think of buying a shop in the internet.

Where we can sell our products or services?
At last, we should start from somewhere. the good news that we have is that the situation for online sale is now get very better than before. Digikala in 1398, had just 26 million visitors in a month. this statistic shows that the number of people who are interested in online shopping is not low. you have so many spot cash customers now and it's just needed to create a platform or online base to reach you.
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