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What is the necessity and importance of digital marketing?

The necessity and importance of digital marketing

The necessity and importance of digital marketing can be understood by deeper looking at our surrounding environment. the number of electronic devices that we use everyday are not so few, so the chance of seeing your business in any way (site, application, article, in social networks, etc.) on devices like laptop or mobile is so much.

What facilities do we use for having daily accessibility to the information and news? or how we share this information with others? online life has generally impacted on buying, informing from news, events and als the accessibility to services. being online at any time and place is the main reason of importance of digital marketing that totally changed the way of advertising and marketing is done.

What is the digital marketing?
In the beginning and before the describtion of the imporatance of digital marketing, it's better to be familiar with basic concepts. digital marketing is in particular "achieving to marketing objectives through using the digital technonlogies and medias". these technologies and medias can include: activity in social networks, SEO site, online ads (clicks, banner), email marketing and making app and site. each of these techniques have sub- branches that need professional ones in that context that need the the cuonsulting of digital marketing for get notified and being aware.

The importance of digital marketing
Sometimes, based on the business, you can combine the modern approaches with traditional ones, like: advertisement in tv and billboard ads can be combined and gain a big success.
Counting all of the digital marketing cases may be hard and lengthen the article, but we evaluate the important ones:

Sites are one if the most imporatant tools of digital marketing that we can analysie the behaviour of users and notice the reactions they had in the site, which buttons they have clicked, how may second they spend their time in the site, how many ads or pages of site they saw, land from which pages and reach you by searching which words. we can monitor the behavior of the user before entering the site and after leaving and aslo provide ways to increase the durability of users and increasing the numbers of them. with regard to their interest and the age category, we present the content and ads that be more attractive for them.

The ability to be implemented with different budgets
One of the importance of digital marketing is that it can be setting up with different financial budgets. you can pay adequate amount for your small or mediate business and achieve perfect results. because the digital marketing has different branches, the domain of your selection and paying is also faster and easier. for example, the management of social networks like Instagram has lower price than printing tickets and distributing them in the city.

Being purposefulness is one of the importance of digital marketing. we go forward with the example that we checked in the last part. assume that we want to set up our advertisement campaign of Instagram's page that is in the context of shoe selling. surely, in the page that is motivational and posts energetic sentences, it is not good that we do this advertisement. we should put our ads in the pages that are active regarding the shoe models or influencers who are active in the context of introducing clothes. in this case, we attract users that match with our aim. while with preparing the ticket of selling shoe and disrtributing it across the city, 70 percent of recievers are not in our category of audiences. this percent may have no interest in buying shoe or have no place in our target community (for example, we have woman's shoes, but ticket may reach to male, our shoe models are specific for defined category of ages and...), so in this case our money with tickets are head for stream in the street.

The speed of concluding
With having activity in virtual world, you find your customers much faster. the importance of digital marketing is that usres find you only with one click. the banner that is in the site, shows your site just with one click, but the billboard in street, needs that people have the name of your brand or site in their mind that in their free time if they remember, go to your site that is so time consuming. 

The engagement of audience
One of the importance of digital marketing is that introduces your business to the world of digital in the form of dynamic and fast. one the most important causes of digital marketing is the interaction that it brings with itself. you can talk with your customers or audiences, answer to their questions and solve the problems that happened. you can have interacton with the wide range of customers and offer products and services according to their need. you can assess the oppinions and suggestions of them and get better decisions for attracting them.  

The importance of digital marketing
If you be honest in your activities and offer the high- quality products and services, so the users are encouraged to share your pages or activities that have great effect on the increase of customers and of course the selling. the interaction by other ways is possible by helding a contest, blogs, enouraging for inviting the friends and occasion sales.  
The importance of digital marketing is that by gathering proper and logical stratetegy, you can progress slowly and observe the amazing results. in fact, consider the sell funnel in digital marketing and go ahead according to it. for improvement a getting ahead from competitors in the today's world, using the digital marketing techniques is so essential.
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