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What is the Panda Algorithm?

Effect of panda algorithm in SEO

"Panda" is the official name of Google algorithm that is created for contention with short and low- quality content. this algorithm, decreased the chance of showing low- quality, short and value- less content in the serach results and gave the high- quality, interesting and unique contents a better position in the serach results.
Panda algorithm released when the users had complained of increasing the number of useless and spam contents in the search results.
With the introduction of this algorithm, Google released a metric for categorizing the amount of the quality of pages. this metric of determination of quality in considered based upon the amount of satisfaction of users and rapidly became one of the basic elements in the serach results.
With introduction of Panda algorithm, the websites which were in the danger of paying fine because of low- quality content, had took action toward modification and reconstruction of their own pages with adding high-quality content, omission of redundant words and paying attention to the improvement of user experience and readability the content of pages.
what is the effect of panda algorithm in SEO?
Updating panda algorithm of Google is a filter, designed for the high or low quality content and based on basic elements, and then justifies the ranking of search for that content. the aim of this updating is the improvement of search results for users through instant recognition and putting forward the high- quality content to the top of pages of the search engine results and at the end, it provides a better experience of user.
While at first, Panda performed in February 2011, until now it effects on the optimization of SEO search engine.
Panda can effect on single pages with poor content and in the conspicuous cases, potentially making all of the domain worthless for repetitive or poor patterns of content.
Recognition of content is not hard. if the article has grammatical or spelling problems or being totally incorrect, Google will notice. if it contains a content with too much keyword to the extent that the understanding of the subject becomes hard, it won't have a good rate. "thin content", the one that can not provide adequate information and explains the subject in a superficial way, is also worth less. so in this case, it effects on the SEO of your site.
However, in addition to contcentration on creating a good content, should optimize the interaction of your site. while the good principles od SEO is remained intact, the web developers and content creators, now should focus on the providing the best interaction for good ranking. if you can optimize your content in this way, you can reach it's potential to maximum.
Important cases for panda algorithm:
As you know, each part of Google has various duties that Panda algorithm of Google also have different responsibilities and when this algorithm was made, the duties of that get defined to have a good performance upon on them. some of the very important subjects that this Google's algorithm should concentrates on them, includes:
1. Less content
High quality text content production is always a basic factor for ranking of sites. many of pages which have low contents or there is a few sentences in their content, undoubtedly damage the site in a high extent and won't gain the users satisfaction; because of this, one of the important duties of the Panda algothitm of Google is to delete these sites. if you don't want that your site gets to this trouble, try to publish more complete contents on the website that have longer texts.
2. Repetitive content
Some of the contents are repeated in websites for many times and are uploaded more than once in the site. in this case, the Panda algorithm of Google has the duty to delete that site and as a result, it couldn't be find on the first pages of the search results. for example, there are numbers of sites that a variety of contents about one city and that content for the other city and by the same content, in this case, Panda algorithm doesn't recognize this website as legal one and doesn't show it in the search results. if you want that the Panda algorithm of Google doesn't delete you and seeking for a solution, you should introduce the contents that you copied from other sites and put them in your site as a copy and at the end, introduce the fundamental resource of it. also, if you have so much repetitive contents, it's better to delete them.
3. Low- quality content
One of the other duties of Panda algorithm of google is to recognize the low- quality contents and delete that website from the search results. for example, there are a number of sites which have lots of spelling problems and also there is not any valid information in them, for this reason the Panda algorithm recognizes them quickly and deletes them from the search results. the numbers of these sites are high in Google and that many of them get delete because of this. according to this, be careful in production and design of your site, use valid sources and also not having the spelling errors.
There are some pages that have low value and when users enter it and not responding to their needs, undoubtedly they exit from that site. according to this, they spend a few time in the site and Google's Panda algorithm deletes that site and not showing it in the first page of search results. for solving this problem and not to trap in it, it's better to put effective content in your site to increase the durability time of people in your site.
4. Invalid content
One of the other cases that Panda algorithm of Google has lots of sensivity to it and also deletes it, is that the content in your site doesn't have enough validity. if you use contents in your site, you should mention the name of the resource at the end of it; otherwise, the Google company doesn't accept your content and recognizes that as an invalid one. this case is more seen in medical websites and contents and the content should be verifiable in terms of scientific aspect.
5. Inconsistence of search statement with content
The relativeness of the content of the page with the statement that being searched is one the most important issues from Google's perspective that Panda algorithm evaluates this matter in the content of the page. in some cases, it is possible that you search about a content and when entered that site, you didn't find your content needed. Panda algorithm has the duty to delete this site and prohibits from it's function, as a result, people don't find it in the search results.
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